The Standard Image of Christ

Plockhorst and Hofmann standardized the image of Jesus into a generic nationality that could resemble most white or tan ethnic groups. Jesus is not blonde with blue eyes: their image of Christ could be the generic image of "Any Man." Hofmann and Plockhorst portrayed Jesus Christ with brown hair, brown eyes and a serious demeanor. Their Jesus is of average height (not taller than other men in the images), and he has an average build.

An ancient description of Jesus Christ by Publius Lentulus (which is not an authentic description because Publius Lentulus never existed) gives a supposedly first-person description of Jesus Christ - even though it was written after the 3rd or 4th century. This description states that Jesus Christ had shoulder-length, light auburn hair that was golden at the root, curly on the ends, and parted in the middle. He had a forked or cleft beard.

Even though this description of the Christ was a fabrication, it has influenced how He is portrayed. The cleft beard is one feature that has been especially popular with artists, and has become a way to identify the Christ when portrayed within a group of men.

This ancient description is incorporated into some of the images by Plockhorst and Hofmann, but not all of them. And even though the hair is reddish at times, it's more brown than blonde.